Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Drought-Busting Bill Congress Just Passed Might Screw the Endangered Species Act

This summer, Donald Trump visited the Central Valley and promised voters he would prioritize agricultural development in California. In his speech, the president-elect blamed the environmental laws protecting a “certain three-inch fish“—the Delta smelt—for the prolonged drought. He promised, if elected, to place the needs of farmers over fish.But it looks like his promise is…
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Final Fantasy XV review – CNET

Final Fantasy XV is a mess, but it's a beautiful mess worth experiencing. Searching for a way to explain it, I keep coming up with paradoxes. It's unwieldy but touching. It's sloppy, yet satisfying. It'll make you raise your eyebrows, but you'll also lose your breath. First unveiled as Final Fantasy Versus XIII at E3…
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