Monthly Archives: December 2016

Final Fantasy XV review – CNET

Final Fantasy XV is a mess, but it's a beautiful mess worth experiencing. Searching for a way to explain it, I keep coming up with paradoxes. It's unwieldy but touching. It's sloppy, yet satisfying. It'll make you raise your eyebrows, but you'll also lose your breath. First unveiled as Final Fantasy Versus XIII at E3…
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Google Wifi review – CNET

If you want to extend fast internet to every corner of your home, the Google Wifi is the best device to do it. You just need two things:An internet-connected iOS or Android mobile device, like a phone or a tablet A Google account, which you can get for free This is because, unlike most routers,…
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​Google app becomes a destination, not just a search tool – CNET

Google's mobile app is growing farther beyond just search.Photo by Google The Google app is taking a new step away from its original purpose -- search -- toward giving you information the company thinks you might want.The app offers a search bar above a stack of "cards" that present information tailored for you, such as…
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