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LG OLEDB6P series review – CNET

Spring 2017 updateOn April 20, 2017 I reviewed the 2017 successor to this television, the OLEDC7P series, and since then I've reviewed two more-expensive 2017 OLED TVs, the LG OLEDE7P and the Sony XBR-A1E.All delivered slightly better overall image quality than the 2016 B6 reviewed here, particularly with high dynamic range (HDR) material. For that…
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The Next Device in Your House to Get Hacked May Be Your Vibrator

Until hackers discovered the internet of things, a maker of kitchen appliances didn't have to worry about the security of its toasters. Now, though, the proliferation of networked devices—from televisions to refrigerators to, someday, self-driving cars—has spawned a new form of cyber attack. This is not only because the points of vulnerability multiply as a…
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