Monthly Archives: November 2023

Microsoft Improves Windows Security with a Path to Move Off NTLM

NTLM is a simple and straightforward authentication method for connecting to applications on enterprise servers, but it’s also outdated and insecure. Despite that, NTLM is still widely used, partly because of inertia but also because the preferred replacement Kerberos doesn’t currently cope with some important scenarios. Now Microsoft plans to extend Kerberos in the versions…
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Sekoia: Latest in the Financial Sector Cyber Threat Landscape

A new report from French-based cybersecurity company Sekoia describes evolutions in the financial sector threat landscape. The sector is the most impacted by phishing worldwide and is increasingly targeted by QR code phishing. The financial industry also suffers from attacks on the software supply chain and stands among the most targeted sectors impacted by ransomware…
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