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Red Teaming GPT-4 Was Valuable. Violet Teaming Will Make It Better

Last year, I was asked to break GPT-4—to get it to output terrible things. I and other interdisciplinary researchers were given advance access and attempted to prompt GPT-4 to show biases, generate hateful propaganda, and even take deceptive actions in order to help OpenAI understand the risks it posed, so they could be addressed before its public…
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In Sudden Alarm, Tech Doyens Call for a Pause on ChatGPT

An open letter signed by hundreds of prominent artificial intelligence experts, tech entrepreneurs, and scientists calls for a pause on the development and testing of AI technologies more powerful than OpenAI’s language model GPT-4 so that the risks it may pose can be properly studied.It warns that language models like GPT-4 can already compete with humans at a growing…
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