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How Silicon Valley is Cracking the Construction Code

Silicon Valley’s latest axiom: Move fast and build things. VC firms expect to invest $375 million in construction tech this year—a 420 percent increase from 2014. “It’s one of the last massive industries to be disrupted,” says Darren Bechtel, founder of Brick and Mortar Ventures (and kin to the ­founders of the eponymous construction giant). Investors…
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Why Can't America Have a Single, Interoperable Tolling System? Because Bureaucracy

In a perfect world, the electronic tolling infrastructure in the United States would be Mastercard seamless: Any transponder would get you through any toll plaza, debiting your account as you breeze across bridges and through tunnels with interstate abandon. But you can't. You should be able to though: In 2012 Congress passed a law requiring…
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