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FCC Shouldn't Give Up on Reforming Inmate Phone Services

In recent years, the effort to reform our criminal justice system has brought together members of Congress, public interest advocates, and think tanks that don't often see eye-to-eye. These efforts are to be applauded. Unfortunately, there is one aspect of criminal justice reform that the current administration has tragically ignored: the broken market for inmate…
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Google's Sidewalk Labs Starts Its City-Building Venture in Toronto

Google has built an online empire by measuring everything. Clicks. GPS coordinates. Visits. Traffic. The company's resource is bits of info on you, which it mines, packages, repackages, repackages again, and then uses to sell you stuff. Now it's taking that data-driven world-building power to the real world. Google is building a city.Tuesday afternoon, public…
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Stranger Things Season 2: Q&A With Creators Matt and Ross Duffer

Coen. Wachowski. Duplass. There are a lot of famous siblings making movies and TV together, but right now there’s only one name in the identical-twins category: Duffer. That would be Matt and Ross, the 33-year-old North Carolina natives who pitched Netflix the eight-hour Spielberg movie otherwise known as Stranger Things. One year and 18 Emmy…
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