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Why Microsoft and Google are now leading the open source revolution

It's no secret that Microsoft has gone from open source pariah to open source contributor. What hasn't been appreciated is just how significant those contributions have been. Given its history, it would be significant if Microsoft simply approached parity of contributions with industry peers like IBM or Google. Instead, Microsoft's open source contributions dwarf those…
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Apple says claim that it reduced accuracy of Face ID to meet demand is “completely false”

A Bloomberg report today made claims that Apple had reduced its requirements from suppliers on the accuracy level of Face ID. Apple has issued a statement stating that the report is “completely false” and that it expects Face ID to be the new gold standard of facial authentication.The statement from Apple: Customer excitement for iPhone…
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Google and Cisco partner on hybrid solution for maximizing cloud and container efforts

On Wednesday, Google and Cisco announced a new hybrid cloud solution to help customers improve agility and security with an open platform for developing and managing applications both on premises and in Google Cloud. The fully supported solution will develop, run, secure, and monitor workloads, according to a blog post from Nan Boden, head of…
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