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Why Microsoft is partially responsible for the first iPhone, and other origin stories

Want to know the real reason why Apple started building the iPhone? Apparently, it was because founder Steve Jobs just "hated this guy at Microsoft." That revelation came from former Apple software engineer Scott Forstall, who recently spoke with Computer History Museum historian John Markoff about the history of the iPhone and iPad. Apple was…
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Do Not Disturb While Driving feature rolls out in Apple’s newest iOS 11 beta

With the release of iOS 11’s latest beta on Wednesday, testers can now get their hands on one of the new mobile operating system’s most important – if not most glamorous – new features: a long-needed “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode. Announced in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the feature aims to combat…
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How to get the most out of your Android device: 10 tips

More about Mobility While Apple draws many enterprise users, Android still dominates worldwide device market share, commanding nearly 88% of the market in late 2016, compared to Apple's 12%. These devices are also seeing increasing use among business professionals, with flagship phones like the Google Pixel gaining traction in the workplace. Here are 10 TechRepublic…
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