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Google to Apple: It's your move now on VR, smart speaker – CNET

Enlarge ImageGoogle Home, the $129 networked speakers that deliver Google Assistant services Photo by James Martin/CNET Google just ratcheted up the pressure on Apple. For starters on Tuesday, it debuted products Apple lacks -- the Daydream virtual-reality headset, the Google Home digital assistant-powered speaker, the Chromecast Ultra streamer that can pipe 4K video to your…
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Samsung wants you to appear in Note 7 advert after recall debacle – CNET

Enlarge ImageThe Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the hottest products around (literally).Photo by Juan Garzón/CNET Samsung wants you to help undo the damage done by the exploding Galaxy Note 7.All Note 7 phablets were recalled just weeks after the device was released when it turned out the battery was prone to dangerously overheating.…
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