Monthly Archives: July 2023

On Bringing the IT Managed Services Philosophy to Facilities Management and Services

Image: Intelli-Systems Joseph Vijay, CEO of Intelli-Systems. The CEO of critical environment specialist Intelli-Systems, Joseph Vijay, is looking to bring an IT philosophy toward his space. As a former veteran of the IT channel, Vijay knows how managed services work and the value they bring to organizations. In the critical environment space, however, this approach…
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Google Bard vs (2023): What are the Key Differences?

The development of conversational AI chatbot systems from competing companies in the summer of 2023 is intense, yet there’s no single system that excels at all tasks. For instance, Anthropic launched on July 11 to provide public access to Claude 2, which supports long documents and comes with enhanced content generation and coding skills.…
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