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Android users: Google is collecting your location data even if location services are off

Android phones are collecting users' location information, even when location services are disabled, according to an investigation by Quartz. Android devices can gather location data and send it to Google even when location services are disabled and the phone has been reset to factory condition and apps, Quartz found. All the device needs to grab…
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Business leaders oversharing on dating apps, putting companies at risk of cyberattack

Between oversharing about their job and workplace with dating matches and divulging trade secrets, 25% of business leaders using dating apps may be accidentally threatening their workplace's security, according to new research from Kaspersky Lab. Over half of those on dating apps said they access those apps through their work device, but only 27% said…
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Why the Jelly phone is the best option for employees in the field

When you take a gander at the incredibly tiny Jelly phone, your first inclination is that it's best application is probably for children or runners. With it's incredibly small form factor, one would be hard-pressed to consider it for much more. Unless you get somewhat creative. Upon receiving a unit for review, it immediately struck…
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