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T-Mobile's DIGITS offers professionals a cheap way to get multiple numbers on one phone

Image: T-Mobile T-Mobile's new DIGITS program, which allows the use of one phone number across multiple devices or multiple phone numbers across a single device, is set to launch for all customers on May 31, 2017. T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert announced the news in a video blog on Thursday. DIGITS had previously been in beta,…
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Wi-Fi Networks need re-designing for growth

Wi-Fi networks are experiencing more congestion as the number of users increase in an already congested and unlicensed spectrum. More Wireless operators are geared up for the FCC offering of spectrum in the 700 MHz band.  The FCC announced last week that spectrum would be available for purchase with the conversion of more TV  networks…
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Link Quality Source Routing

Much has been said about this in the IETF however Link Quality Source Routing (LQSR) is arouting protocol for wireless mesh networks. The protocol was developed by Microsoft for use with their Mesh Connectivity Layer (MCL) technology, which facilitates the interconnection of computers into a mesh network using WiFi or WiMAX wireless service. The LQSR…
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