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How small construction businesses are embracing digital transformation and boosting productivity

Image: iStock/monkeybusinessimages A recent report on KPMG's 2016 Global Construction Survey pointed out two pitfalls within the construction industry that impact project success rates: The industry is yet to fully embrace technology. Despite a rise in project complexity and associated risks, a mere 8% of respondents can be categorized as 'cutting-edge visionaries.' And just over…
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Ringless voicemail messaging: Why advocates are speaking out for and against it

Messages are accumulating in voicemail systems, and people aren't sure why. The voicemail message appears suddenly, and no one has called. Before blaming the mobile device, it might be best to check out ringless voicemail messaging. What is ringless voicemail messaging? More about Mobility Something important to understand is that voicemail messages are not sent…
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