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How to install Countly Analytics on Ubuntu Server

Image: Jack Wallen Countly is a highly-extensible, real-time mobile and web analytics server that gathers data from various sources and displays this information in a format that can help administrators and managers analyze application usage and end-user behavior. This widely-used software: Centralizes the management of data analysis Offers a powerful, real-time dashboard Enables you to…
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AT&T wants to reinvent the cloud with low latency edge computing over 5G

With continued investments in 5G and edge computing, AT&T said it is "reinventing the cloud" to better support next-generation technologies, according to a Tuesday press release. The firm is also targeting "single-digit millisecond latency" to more efficiently provide access to these services. Edge computing occurs when data is processed at the edge of a network,…
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How to speed up DNS caching on Linux machines with dnsmasq

Image: Jack Wallen Chances are, you're looking to squeeze out as much performance from your Linux servers and desktops as possible. This is especially so with regards to networking. With Linux, there are so many tweaks you can undertake to optimize a machine, it's mind blowing. One such tweak that can significantly decrease your DNS…
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