Monthly Archives: January 2024

AI Mixologist vs. Human Bartender

[Narrator] One of these drinkswas lovingly crafted by a bartender,while the other one was generated using AI.Here's how it works. [gentle music]Each patron inputs some of their preferencesinto a Google form.That info is given both directly to the bartenderand run through ChatGPT-4.Both come up with their own custom cocktail recipes.The bartender then mixes both drinks,and…
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EU’s AI Act: Europe’s New Rules for Artificial Intelligence

The European Union reached a provisional agreement on its much-anticipated Artificial Intelligence Act on Dec. 8, 2023 becoming the first global power to pass rules governing the use of AI. The legislation outlines EU-wide measures designed to ensure that AI is used safely and ethically, and includes limitations on the use of live facial recognition…
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