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A Clever New Way to Protect Your Data at the Border Could Also Add Risk

Over the past few months, the US and other countries have seen an uptick in border searches—including those of smartphones and laptops. There are several precautions you can take to defend your privacy, the most recent of which is a clever new feature from password-manager 1Password. But while it could secure your digital stuff, it…
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Russian Hackers Are Using ‘Tainted’ Leaks To Sow Disinformation

Over the past year, the Kremlin’s strategy of weaponizing leaks to meddle with democracies around the world has become increasingly clear, first in the US and more recently in France. But a new report by a group of security researchers digs into another layer of those so-called “influence operations:” how Russian hackers alter documents within…
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Want to understand how Google runs its production systems? Read this free book

Image: Andy Wolber / TechRepublic The book Site Reliability Engineering helps readers understand how some Googlers think: It contains the ideas of more than 125 authors. The four editors, Betsy Beyer, Chris Jones, Jennifer Petoff, and Niall Richard Murphy, managed to weave all of the different perspectives into a unified work that conveys a coherent…
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