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Why Many Deaf Prisoners Can’t Phone Home

This article was published in partnership with The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization that covers the US criminal justice system. Sign up for its newsletter, or follow The Marshall Project on Facebook or Twitter. Calling home from prison is cumbersome and expensive. For deaf people behind bars, it’s even tougher, sometimes impossible. The technology…
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Feds Give Kaspersky Security Products the Boot, and Other Security News This Week

Apple finally announced the iPhone X this week, complete with a facial recognition system that Apple calls FaceID. Preliminary impressions are that FaceID will be difficult to trick, and should be secure for the average user, but researchers are eager to test its robustness. Consumer facial recognition has been around, but not yet at this…
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Google may delete your Android backups if you don't use the phone for 2 weeks

Android users who go two weeks without using their phone may find the personal data backups wiped by Google, according to the company's policy on managing backups. While the policy isn't necessarily new, it was recently brought to light by Reddit user Tanglebrook, who detailed their experience with the feature in a post on the…
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