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Watches & Wonders 2023: Rolex Has an Emoji Watch

The luxury watch industry’s annual jamboree in Geneva—the Watches & Wonders show—is slightly bonkers even when the economy is not showing signs of strain. This year, cost-of-living crises, soaring inflation rates, supply chain issues, and the war in Ukraine were scarcely evident in the ultra-luxe halls of Geneva’s Palexpo exhibition center. After a bumper 2022,…
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Obsessed – How This Woman Creates God of War’s Sound Effects

[horse clopping]These are actually just toilet plungers.[fist thuds][syringe clacks] [metal pings][melon thuds] [blade swishes][Host] Meet Joanna Fang,foley artist for PlayStation Studios.And a master at sonically translating our worldthrough works like God of War Ragnarök.[rocks thudding] [wood planks clacking]Let's step into my office.Just watch your step.I love my office.This is my creative space.This is the Sony…
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Lamborghini’s Revuelto Is Its First Hybrid

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann claims that the company is on a path marked by four things: sustainability, digitalization, urbanization, and geopolitics. For the carmaker that has provided so much visual fuel for car-obsessed teenagers the world over this past 60 years, that’s quite the high-speed lane change.Then again, the world that the all-new Revuelto lands…
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