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How to use Excel's conditional formatting to highlight the same row and column as the active cell

Highlighting the entire row and column for the active cell in a complex sheet could prove helpful for quickly reviewing dependent or related values. Fortunately, adding a conditional formatting rule to do so is easier than you might think. You'll need two expressions and a simple VBA procedure. As you might imagine, there are lots…
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iCloud Keychain encryption bug exposes iOS passwords, credit card numbers

More about IT Security A largely unreported iOS security flaw undermined iCloud's end-to-end encryption capability, and could have allowed attackers to steal passwords, credit cards, and any other information on file, according to security firm Longterm Security. iCloud Keychain enables users to store passwords and credit card numbers across all of their devices, while iCloud…
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Samsung’s Classy New TV Moonlights as a Work of Art

Look around your home and count the screens: The television on your wall. The tablet on your coffee table. The computer monitor on your desk. Switched on, they burst with color and motion. Turned off, they're merely black. Industrial designer Yves Behar considers that wasted potential. “The fact that these shiny, techy objects are just…
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