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LG G6 review – CNET

In high school, being different only works if you're also cool. Otherwise, you get mocked or, possibly worse, completely ignored. LG can no doubt relate. After the lackluster reception of its unique, modular-like G5, LG decided not to double-down with another quirky approach to mods. Instead, it reversed course, toed the party line and released…
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Cell phone users tend to drink, smoke more than landline users – CNET

Getty Images/WIN-Initiative RM As the popularity and usage of mobile phones increase steadily, landlines are slowly going to the days of yesterday. A study released Friday from the US Health Department confirmed that 50.8 percent of adults live in households with only wireless phones, with 39.4 percent owning both a landline and wireless connection, and…
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Samsung Galaxy S8 review – CNET

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is without a doubt the most beautiful, polished phone I've ever held. For Samsung, it's also the most important phone. It represents a chance to restore buyers' confidence after the Note 7 battery disaster and an opportunity to cement the Samsung name as the top Android brand against rivals from Google,…
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Apple iPad (9.7-inch, 2017) review – CNET

Remember the iPad? In the afterglow of its splashy 2010 debut, Apple's tablet became the post-smartphone "it" gadget of the decade. In recent years, however, sales have dipped -- both for iPads and tablets in general. But not for lack of trying: Near-annual improvements have pushed the iPad family forward, with higher-resolution retina screens, ever…
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