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Casio’s $500 Android Wear smartwatch is designed for the outdoors (hands-on) – CNET

Casio on Tuesday announced its first smartwatch for iPhone and Android devices here at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. The Smart Outdoor Watch, which is officially known as the WSD-F10, is a far cry from the company's calculator watches of the 1980s. It's designed for users who enjoy the outdoors and want to stay connected.…
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Maytag MET8720DS review: Two ovens for the price of one – CNET

We've reviewed our fair share of midprice ranges. Some models emphasize style over substance ; others look utilitarian but shine when it comes to performance . And then there's a small subset of above-average units that manage to strike a nice balance between eye-catching design and impressive cooking results . The Good Maytag's $1,600 Gemini…
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Staples Connect D-Link Hub review: A smarter smart hub from Staples Connect – CNET

Smart-home devices have plenty of connected tricks up their collective sleeve, but thanks to a glut of walled-off wireless protocols they aren't always great at communicating with one another. That's where control devices like the Staples Connect hub come into play. Acting like a router for your gadgets, the hub uses a variety of built-in…
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Oster Beehive Blender review: The Oster Beehive Blender gets stung by lackluster performance – CNET

Sometimes, the classics should be left in peace. Case in point: the Oster Beehive blender, a 21st century version of the original 1940s Osterizer. The old version was built like a tank with a metal base and a rounded jar designed to cycle food toward the blades. This new one aims to mirror the original's…
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