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Running WordPress on Azure for secure, fast and global content delivery

Learn about Microsoft's WordPress on Azure App Service, as well as an interesting alternative from WP Engine. Image: Hugo Baeta Twenty years old this year, WordPress remains one of the most popular content management tools. Running a WordPress instance requires a web server and a database, an ideal combination for moving to a virtual infrastructure…
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How to use and customize Quick Settings on your Android phone

The Quick Settings feature provides a fast way to access key settings on your phone. Image: SCREEN POST/Unsplash Searching for specific settings and features in Android can be challenging when you don’t necessarily know where they’re located. Instead of hunting for a specific setting, you can more easily access it using Quick Settings. Accessible by…
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Designing the Ideal Digital Work Experience for the Next Generation of Innovators

This eBook discusses user expectations for their digital work experience (i.e., experiences related to devices, collaboration tools, applications, and hybrid work scenarios employees have access to in the course of doing their jobs). In particular, this eBook explores differences in the attitudes and preferences observed between different generations of workers. These differences were quantified by…
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