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The Android 14 beta reaches a new milestone, now includes the Pixel 7a

What you need to knowGoogle release the Beta 3 build for Android 14 which builds upon user privacy, security, customization, and performance.With APIs and app-facing behaviors finalized, developers should begin reviewing their apps and preparing them for publication.Google has extended access to the Android 14 Beta 3 and future releases to the Pixel 7a, as…
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Bard update improves reasoning skills, enables Google Sheets export function

What you need to knowGoogle Bard update makes the chatbot better at answering prompts.This includes answers to questions like "Calculate the growth rate of my savings."Bard will use a new implicit code execution technique for string manipulation.Users can now export tables into Google Sheets.Google Bard is getting a significant update that involves improvements in mathematical…
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YouTube TV update addresses audio/video sync issues, 4K Apple TV crashes, and more

What you need to knowYouTube TV's latest update details several user-reported problems such as 5.1 audio and video sync problems during Live playback.The platform's DVR issues have been rectified alongside previously reported crashing for first-gen 4K Apple TV  devices, as well.YouTube TV teased improvements coming for its multiview feature and video quality across the platform.Several…
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