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Reddit Is Letting Power Users In on Its IPO. Not Everyone’s Buying

Reddit is offering its users a chance to buy a piece of the company before its impending debut on the stock market. They’re not all racing to sign up.In public Reddit forums, private chat rooms, and interviews with WIRED, several moderators and power users—who on Thursday learned they would get the rare chance to buy…
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23 Best Wireless Chargers (2024): Pads, Stands, iPhone Docks, and More

Does my phone support wireless charging?Not all phones support wireless charging, but most brands have models that do, so look up your phone model first. You'll usually see "Qi wireless charging" (the default standard) or simply "wireless charging" if it does. Phones that support the latest Qi2 standard, bear the Qi2 logo and have a…
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Drone Delivery Sparks Chaos in Hilarious Sci-Fi Novel Deliver Us

Deliver Us, a 2018 novel by Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite, takes a hilarious look at the future of drone delivery. The plot revolves around a social media activist named Piper Prince who attempts to stop Amazon from taking over her Detroit neighborhood. “It’s written in a Coen brothers sort of tone,” Robinson says in…
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