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How to End Bias and Taboos in Women’s Health Care

Women’s health care is still nowhere near equity: Biases, taboos, and sexism remain pervasive in medicine, with ripple effects across all aspects of a woman’s life. But there was a pervading note of optimism at WIRED Health last week during a panel about the future of women’s health care. Taboos are being shattered—particularly around topics like menstruation,…
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Your Speech May Reveal Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, but these are still underdiagnosed or detected too late for optimal intervention. Startup Accexible is trying to change that, based on the premise that early signs of certain conditions might be seen—or heard—in a person’s voice.“Accexible works at…
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